Christian Coalition and MoveOn Together: What's Going On Here? Posted by Jake on May 30, 2006

Members of both groups have to be asking that.

Strange as it may seem, the Christian advocacy group and one of the premier liberal advocacy organizations both support "Net Neutrality".

The Christian Coalition put up an entire set of Net Neutrality pages on its Web site, with a letter explaining the issue signed by President Roberta Combs. (We wish they would add a link to these pages from their Home Page, but their heart's in the right place, and we ain't complainin'. You can find it in the Action Alert Archive, or just click the link above.)

Ms. Combs writes:

"So why is this important? Because the Internet currently provides a megaphone for political expression by virtue of the fact that every site, no matter how obscure, is just as accessible to every individual as any site with a multi-million dollar budget. Every American has the opportunity to create their own website and say what they want to the entire world. (The emphasis is hers.)

"Conservatives had made many gains in recent years thanks to the power of the Internet. In terms of organization, it has become an indispensable tool. In political communications, it allows us to finally bypass the liberal media and to get our message out more effectively. These gains must be preserved!"

Meanwhile, I hear about an email from MoveOn last week encouraging members to donate $35 apiece so the organization can (with the Christian Coalition) buy a full-page ad in the New York Times supporting Net Neutrality.

You just go to a page on their Web site, contribute to the MoveOn/Christian Coalition ad and see a PDF of the actual ad.

If MoveOn and the Christian Coalition can get along, there is hope for all of us ... and Net Neutrality.