House poised to vote as Senate mulls net neutrality change (San Francisco Chronicle) Thu Jun 08, 2006 at 09:45:33

Tom Abate reports iin The Tech Chronicles late Wednesday:

The House of Representatives is poised for a floor vote Friday on HR 5252, a bill to help phone companies deliver television through their wires to compete with cable. But Internet firms led by Google hope to amend that bill to strengthen so-called network neutrality rules to preserve the first-come, first-served status quo when it comes to delivering content on the Internet. ...

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Stevens, R. AK, told a gathering of cable executives today that he may revise the net neutrality language in his bill, which is the Senate version of the House legislation. Currently, Stevens only seeks a study of network neutrality, the weakest of all the proposals so far as Internet companies are concerned. According to a CNet report Stevens' remarks suggest that any revisions he makes would be similar to language already in the House bill that goes to the floor Friday -- and therefore still shy of what Intenet companies want. The next Senate hearing is scheduled for June 13.

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