ISPs and Congress eager to alter Net (Charlotte Observer) 06-05-2006

John McBride, writing Sunday in the Help Desk column, observed:

"You may want to remember this period in Internet history. Powerful forces want to change the Internet. It may never be the same.

"The big Internet service providers, the companies that control the backbone of the Internet like AT&T;, BellSouth and Verizon, want to change the way data moves across their wires.

"Currently the ISPs make no distinction between your data and anyone else's as it moves across the Internet. Your data packets and Bill Gates' data packets are handled the same. This is known as "network neutrality," and the big ISPs want to change it.

"The ISPs want to discriminate between your data and the data of anyone willing to pay extra. If you pay more, your data moves faster."

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