Bogus, Loaded, Partisan: That's Some Phone Company Poll Posted by Jake on Wed Sep 20, 2006 at 12:54:55

You may have heard of that bogus poll showing that the American public overwhelmingly opposes Net Neutrality.

Well, consider the "bipartisan" source: The telco industry.

If it weren't so full of distortions and loaded questions, it would be worth a few yucks.

By the way, we link to it on the Senate Commerce Committee site above because we believe any intelligent person can see this for what it is.

And it makes us ask the question: If no one outside the Washington Beltway is paying attention to this issue, why are the huge telcos and cable companies spending millions and millions of dollars on advertising and lobbying campaigns to defeat Net Neutrality?

If it's such a non-issue, why bother?

And that conclusion that Americans prefer "video choice over onerous “Net Neutrality” regulations". Well, who favors ANYTHING when it's labeled as "onerous"? I mean, come on!

Before I get too exercised, here's a good analysis of the entire sorry episode from IP Democracy:
Commerce Poll on Telecom Bill Reeks of Desperation