It's Our Net to FCC: Merged AT&T-BellSouth; Should Abide by Net Neutrality Posted by Jake on Tue Oct 24, 2006 at 09:56:56

It’s Our Net has fought vigorously over the past year for strong Net Neutrality provisions to be included in any telecom reform legislation that Congress may consider.

As part of our efforts, It’s Our Net is filing the attached comments today in the FCC’s review of the AT&T-BellSouth; merger proceeding. AT&T; has already proposed some conditions for approval of the merger and we are urging the FCC to revise them “so that the merged company is required to abide by tailored nondiscrimination requirements guaranteeing evenhanded treatment of all Internet-based applications, content, and services traffic traversing its broadband facilities, regardless of its source, destination, or ownership.”

We hope these clear and forceful comments help influence the outcome of the merger approval process and advance the cause of Net Neutrality.

You can read our brief (eight-page) comments in PDF format here.